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Pray for South Korea


Robin Rises: Omega returns a Robin to Batman and Robin

DC Comics announced today that they  are bring back a Robin to the pages of “Batman and…”, but they won’t confirm who Robin is. Here’s what Peter J. Tomasi had to say:

Let’s just say that we are most definitely bringing back a Robin for Batman’s 75th anniversary. Batman needs a Robin and Robin needs a Batman, so what more needs to be said except that “Robin Rises: Omega,” drawn by the stupendous Andy Kubert, starts and ends with a bang and everything that occurs in this epic story all has seeds that Pat Gleason and I planted back during our first arc in “Batman and Robin: Born To Kill.”

I’m sure we all think/hope Damian will return, but I have an INSANE theory. Although we already know Dick Grayson’s post Forever Evil fate, what if Dick Grayson returned as Robin? Perhaps a young Dick from the past come to the future? It seems like an appropriate story for the 75th anniversary: Batman and Robin together again…

Or it’s Damian Wayne or Carrie Kelly. Either way, it’ll get spoiled for us before hand somehow.


I do hope you know what you are in for. The loneliness, the heartbreak, the sacrifice you will face as a woman with a dream on her own.


American Horror Story: Murder House

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Women according to Hyorin


make me choose - anonymous asked: Fiona Goode or Sister Jude 


no one can say no to hip thrusting jongup and his damn hot open legs


White People: - “Black people are always pulling the race card!”


MERLIN Graphic Battle: angelcoulby vs. landofmerlin
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What if magic chooses you? // magic!Gwen AU


White people destroyed 3/4s of the world for spices and have the nerve not to season their food.

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